UnNews: Numbers are not infinite – last one found

A light-hearted article on a mock version of Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia.Wikia.com

Read the full article here.

Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) found … there could be no number larger than that written as a string of 15978189 nines.

Though incredible shock has reverberated around the scientific community like a green shock-jelly, some saw the end of the number story as a tremendous relief. They realised they could move on to something new, have faces clear of facial hair and even venture ‘outside’.



Gigs I’ve been to in 2009:
12 Avenue, Reburn, 7th Son
7th Son
Verona Walls, Tonight We Die, Jackal & Wolf
Mary K, Dan Patlantsky

28 Sept
Saw the Comedy show on Monday night at the Zula bar in long street, with 9 comedian acts.

12 Sept
Passed my driver’s license test.

5 Sept
Went out to Klipwerf (aka Elvis Pub) with friends on Saturday night.