Lightroom 3 lesson – The Golden Spiral

The golden spiral is a mathematical concept and is a composition tool. A lot of the time, if you compose a photo into thirds (intentionally or instintively or by accident), I think there is a good chance of finding a golden spiral in there somewhere, since the two concepts are closely related. This is explained here and here.

In crop view in Lightroom 3, press O to cycle through overlays other than the grid. Shift + O will rotate the spiral. It use it to make minor or major adjustments to cropping a photo. For me, the spiral often fits more neatly in the photo at 4:3 ratio rather than 3:2.

Beow are examples from my photos.

Uriah Heep 2010

Roger Goode 2011

Black Market Riots

college students - UCT Radio

college students


UnNews: Numbers are not infinite – last one found

A light-hearted article on a mock version of Wikipedia,

Read the full article here.

Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) found … there could be no number larger than that written as a string of 15978189 nines.

Though incredible shock has reverberated around the scientific community like a green shock-jelly, some saw the end of the number story as a tremendous relief. They realised they could move on to something new, have faces clear of facial hair and even venture ‘outside’.