“theSoftCollision” is my nickname for my DeviantArt profile where I submit photos.

This blog is for sharing my ideas with the world, what I am doing, the quotes and jokes I come up with, my top photos, the music I compose and other things.

I was born born in 1989. I love sushi, playing guitar. My favourite type of music is rock but my taste is broad. I finished highschool in 2007, did a gap year working in the UK, then in 2009 I started studying Business Science in Marketing at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.


4 comments on “About

  1. bill says:

    would u be interested in making a logo of a bear eating a gold apple? thks, Bill

  2. Michael Currin says:

    I made the graphic and posted it here

  3. mahsa says:

    hi. im mahsa.i like your page and your beautiful photos.i saved your photos.if dont mind.i will be happy if you send email for me. i love animals and nuture. be fun every time

  4. mahsa says:

    hi.how are you? whats up?

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